why choose me?

The advantages of my lessons

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Broad stylistic variety

You decide which style you’d like to play – Rock, Pop, Blues, Jazz, Soul, Reggae, Heavy Metal, Funk, Rockabilly, Folklore or whatever you like. Since they say: “All roads lead to Rome” I take the stylistic preferences of beginners into consideration, because one can learn and practise technical sequences in many different ways.

Efficient and healthy playing technique

Learning a clear and efficient playing technique is essential for your future success. As a self-taught player, sooner or later you might reach a level where you will get stuck – that’s why I find it important in the beginning to show you how to play your instrument in the most efficient AND healthiest way (which is sadly neglected by many teachers) so you can practise and play your instrument in the future without experiencing any trouble or pain. I will explain how to position your fingers both on the neck and on the strings (also the bowing technique on the upright bass) and also teach you the correct posture when playing. Due to my many years of experience in teaching, I know all about the common and uncommon mistakes and how to prevent them.


Of course I also teach left handed bassists too and know about the special characteristics of their posture.

Individual lessons

I always adapt my teaching concepts to the needs and progress of each individual. I know exactly where to start with you to be able to work efficiently and to reach your personal goals, while always taking your wishes and ideas into consideration.

Flexible teaching times

We can either arrange a fixed day each week or every second week – or we will just schedule our classes flexibly from lesson to lesson. Of course, a fixed day has the advantage of prior reservation, so I’m certainly available for you on that day. You can find the prices here.

Applied teaching concept

To reach your dreams of performing on the huge stages of the world, I’ll prepare you perfectly for your role as a bassist in a band. If you’re already playing in a band, I will support you with useful advice on playing live gigs, touring and recording in a studio. Of course I will also help you choose the right equipment and show you how to further upgrade it.

Friendly teaching environment

I really care about having a relaxed and friendly teaching environment and I will always listen to your needs. Respect from both sides and honest feedback are essential for your learning success.


Thanks to my many years of experience in teaching, I’m able to include your individual wishes spontaneously. Bring your favourite song on a CD, USB stick, or just show it to me on YouTube and I’ll teach you the bassline after a few minutes.

Applied ear-training

Practice oriented ear-training is a topic neglected by many teachers. With me, you’ll learn how to professionally use your ears for playing. Furthermore, I’ll show you how to train your hearing and how to use your skills in practice. Transcribing (learning how to play a song just by listening – without having music sheets) your favourite song is also a part of this. Naturally, I always have various recommendations that fit your current level in order to smoothly introduce you to the world of transcribing music.

Applied music theory

No matter if you have basic or detailed questions about classical or jazz music theory – I’ll answer all your questions and explain the important contents of harmonics. If you are interested, I’ll also support you in writing original compositions and give you constructive feedback.

Rhythm training

As a bass player, timing and a good sense of rhythm are fundamental. I’ll show you how to work on your timing and how to understand and use complex rhythms and grooves. In addition, you’ll learn to understand odd meters and improve your rhythmical sight-reading with specific exercises.


If you’re interested in improvising, I will introduce you to the world of free-play. Be it classical or contemporary jazz improvisation or learning how to improvise rock and pop solos using chord sequences – I will explain the theory and harmonics and show you the best ways to approach this complex issue. In this process, I value maximum freedom and creativity. Of course, I can also help you create bass lines for your own songs.

Practising correctly

90% of musical development happens at home. For fast development, I will show you how to practise the best possible way, how to use your practice time efficiently and how to divide it to enhance productivity.

Professional preparation for entrance exams

Would you like your hobby to be your profession? I can help you prepare ideally for entrance examinations to the music academy. Due to my years of experience I know exactly what’s important and which mistakes to avoid. I can also be of help concerning the selection of the repertoire you are preparing, since I know the terms of admission for most relevant institutions in Austria. Furthermore, I can support your preparations for the Ear Training Test and simulate the exam situations so you know what to expect there.

Free trial lesson

During your first free trial lesson, you have the opportunity to check everything out and ask me all your questions, no matter if they are about buying or renting an instrument, your personal goals or the lessons in general. If you are a beginner, I’ll gladly play something for you and explain all the characteristics of each instrument – double bass, electric upright bass and all types of electric basses (4-, 5- and 6-string bass, Fretless bass, Acoustic bass, Short Scale, Travel bass, Hollow-Body or Bass-Ukulele). In addition, I’ll give you a short introduction into the necessary equipment such as amplifier, cables, strings, bass bow, etc. and I’ll give you advice on which instrument you might want to buy for your exact needs and goals.

Advice on which instrument to buy

If you don’t own an instrument yet, I can give you advice on which one to buy during our free trial lesson. I’ll also give you useful tips to help you with your decision. I have a large collection of various basses for you to try. This way, you’ll get an idea of the differences and characteristics of each instrument. Aside from that, I can show you various solutions on how to practise at home without disturbing your neighbours (should you want to play at night). For double bassists not travelling by car, I’ll clarify the best and easiest ways to transport their instrument. Of course it is not necessary to bring your double bass to our lessons. You can find more details under “Coming to the lesson without an instrument”.

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Instrument rental

If you don’t have your own instrument yet, you can rent one from me at a reasonable price. It has the advantage that you don’t have to buy a bass immediately if you’re still unsure about it. For further information, click here.


A highly informative way to get feedback on your progess is to record yourself while playing. Furthermore we’ll analyse your recordings together and speak about possible ways to improve your technique and phrasing.

Coming to the lesson without an instrument

During the lessons, most of my double bass students play on my instruments. This has two advantages: on the one hand, you don’t always have to carry your instrument to the lesson and on the other hand, you’ll get used to playing on other instruments from the beginning. For a double bass player this is very important because sooner or later you will find yourself in a situation where you’ll have to play on an unfamiliar bass: either because you’re playing at a spontaneous jam session, or at a gig abroad where you can’t bring your own bass because of logistic reasons. Nowadays, it’s nearly impossible to take your instrument on a plane and the excess weight charges for an upright flight case are horrendous…

Background information

I’ll gladly answer all your questions concerning the bass, being a musician and about music in general. Should you have questions about how to prepare and organize a concert, tour life or studying music, I’ll be happy to share my experiences with you. If you are interested, I can share some funny stories about my career as a musician. If you are already playing in a band and you have questions about bookings, tours and studio recordings, I’m ready to support you with ideas and instructions.

Spoken languages

Besides German (my mother tongue) I also teach in English. If necessary, I can also explain basic terms in French, Portuguese and Hungarian. Für deutschsprachige Informationen klicken Sie bitte hier.

Gift certificates

The ideal present for musicians and music lovers! You can choose the number of lessons and I’ll send you a voucher upon receiving payment. If you’d like to surprise someone special, please let me know – I have quite a few good ideas on how to make the present a special treat! For further information click here.