Double bass for children

The basics of music

The double bass is the largest and lowest pitched of all stringed instruments – so who would imagine children playing it? Nobody is surprised when a young child plays the recorder, guitar or the violin and it’s very common to see kids playing their first musical pieces on cute little mini guitars or violins.


A child who plays the double bass – for most people this is still considered exceptional. However, in Great Britain and in Asia it has already been established practice for years now. Although double bass lessons for children are getting more and more popular in German speaking countries, it’s still widely unknown to parents that their children can start to play this fascinating instrument as early as the age of four.


It goes without saying that children don’t play on large instruments made for adults. Just like with all other instruments, the size of the double bass is adjusted accordingly to fit children. The smallest available double bass is the so called 1/32-bass, on which children from a height of approximately one meter can start to play. Another important criterion is the size of the hands and the length of the fingers – but usually the anatomical requirements are fulfilled at this height.


There is also a possibility for your child to have a trial lesson with me. Your child will have enough time to discover the surroundings and get familiar with the instrument. I’d also love to play something on the double bass while you’re enjoying a cup of tea or coffee. During this time, you’ll have the opportunity to ask me any questions you might have about the instrument and the lessons. If necessary, I’ll also help you find the appropriate instrument for you to buy or rent.


In the beginning it usually makes more sense to rent an instrument rather than buy one immediately, because your child will – depending on his/her growth – need a bigger instrument sooner than later. Although it is possible to adjust the height of the instrument, eventually your child will need the next larger size.


Over the years, I have developed my own concept for teaching children how to play the double bass, which I always adapt individually to each child. Also concerning the choice of the repertoire, I pay attention to personal wishes and prepare adequate sheets or arrangements for each particular piece.


Teaching children is a fascinating challenge. In order to cope with this challenge, I deepened my elementary teaching skills: during my Master of Arts Education Studies, I majored in EMP (ElementareMusikpädagogik), which got me in touch with various inspiring approaches and concepts for teaching children and teenagers.


Besides actually playing the double bass, we will also learn how to read music, a little music theory and details about music worth knowing. Furthermore, I will improve your child’s sense of rhythm through specific exercises.


Besides working seriously, fun will always play a major role in my lessons: I ease my lessons with short musical games or small breaks, so that the lesson doesn’t get too tiring and your child will feel that playing music is an enjoyable experience. Through getting in touch with different styles of music, I will facilitate your child on his/her personal level, which has been scientifically proven to have a positive effect on their future development.


You are more than welcome to take part in the lesson. Maybe you would also like to learn to play the double bass simultaneously with your child. But of course you can always just relax on the couch and watch us play music while enjoying a nice cup of tea or coffee.


Feel free to visit me with your child for a trial lesson free of charge. I would be delighted to get to know you! You can find my contact details here.