„Many roads lead to success: it’s irrelevant whether you learn the basics of bass through pop songs or classical etudes – the important thing is that you should like the type of music you’re learning. This especially gives beginners an enormous motivation – also to practice techniques that can sometimes be boring”, says bass teacher Raphael Leitner. Whoever wants to learn how to play pop and rock on the bass is at the right address with this Austrian musician. “Jazz, Blues, Pop, Rockabilly, Funk or Heavy Metal: I’m open to all styles of music and I personally have played in countless bands of all different genres. This diversity plays a great role in my teaching.”


Raphael Leitner attended the Musikgymnasium in Viktring. “After I graduated, it was clear for me that I would like to continue my studies in music.” He studied jazz bass for one year at the Kärntner Landeskonservatorium before changing to Musik und Kunst Privatuniversität Wien, where he finished his Bachelor Studies and the Master of Arts Education with excellent results.


Raphael Leitner offers classes not only for beginners but also for advanced learners. In addition, he prepares future university students of music for their entry exams. “I know the admission criteria and I can coach the students specifically – by helping them prepare their repertoire and also by giving them support for the dreaded Ear Training Tests.”


A positive challenge for him is teaching children. “I put a lot of energy into it, by preparing special music sheets and playful exercises for children.” Raphael Leitner’s enthusiasm for deep notes is infectious, because it’s real. No matter if he’s on stage with his jazz trio Seven Steps to Heaven, or if he’s recording pop songs in a studio, he’s living the music that he plays. This is also what his students learn.


Sabine Miesgang (SLAM Alternative Music Magazine)

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The advantages of my lessons

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Broad stylistic variety
Efficient and healthy playing technique
Individual lessons
Flexible teaching times
Practice oriented teaching concept
Friendly teaching environment
Applied ear-training
Applied music theory
Rhythm training
Practising correctly
Professional preparation for entrance exams
Free trial lesson
Advice on which instrument to buy
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Instrument rental
Coming to the lesson without an instrument
Background information
Spoken languages
Gift certificates